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"Base Adn Santé Internationale du Keeshond" is an application developed by ©Passion Spitz Loup.

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For the moment, our database contains public data on DNA testing of PHPT (based on international records and owners declarations) as well as data on epilepsy that we collected and also breed lines from dogs of the forum (3,603 dogs in june 2012).

You can freely consult the database. Enter the name of the dog (without accent) for which you want information. In case we would find several instances of dogs in the database, we will ask you to select or specify your request.

Good search !

Name of the dog to search in the database :

You will get the pedigree of the dog looked colorful with the public results (PHPT for now).

Healthy dog

(DNA test negative or negative by parentage)

Affected dog

(DNA test positive)

Unknown information

We will also give you information on the presence or absence of epileptic dogs in the breed line.

The lack of information does not necessarily mean that the breed line is healthy. Simply that we have no information available.

In other words: you can help us to complete this basis, giving us the health informations of dogs that you own (you'll understand that we must take precautions to avoid false statements!) Similarly, if you have a dog and you find an error in the data collected, please do not hesitate to contact us to correct.

This application is newly developed, maybe we have left some bugs. Also, do not hesitate to contact us.